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Land Survey

Reliable Land Survey Services

When you buy property, you're investing a huge sum of money, and you want to stay fully informed about that investment. That's where we come in. At John C Mayer, L.S., we provide comprehensive land survey services that give you a crystal clear picture of the property your new home is on. We provide surveys of your property, Elevation Certificates, and staking your property or proposed construction.

Property Surveys

Whether you are planning on building or buying a piece of property, we provide comprehensive surveys of your property, so you know the boundaries and physical aspects of your property.

Metes & Bounds Descriptions

This type of land description is used for land, real property (in contrast to personal property) and real estate. It describes land by listing the compass direction and distance of the boundaries.

Why Choose Us?

Professional land surveys have countless benefits for all property owners. Beyond giving you full-scale knowledge about the property before your purchase, our surveys also help you ensure that surrounding structures never encroach on your property without your knowledge. Often, neighbors will build fences or other structures that extend to your land; if you don't contest this within 10 years, they can legally take your property. With a detailed land survey, you can prevent stressful instances like this.

We also offer Elevation Certificates for folks in need of flood insurance, along with paperwork needed for new buildings. Drawing on years of experience, our team will gladly survey your property in preparation for a new building project or even before you put it back on the market.